With the daily demands of meeting targets at work or managing a successful business, weekends seem to be the only time we get to control our time and get a well-deserved rest from the  week’s activities. And while not every weekend lends itself to this relaxed approach, even when life throws you a super-packed weekend, pulling even a few ideas from the list that follows can help slow things down enough that you can catch your breath and get that well deserved break.

Take a neighborhood stroll or bike ride. Walking sounds simple but even a stroll triggers a host of health benefits. Taking a walk as soon as you wake up—even before coffee and
brunch—gets your workout out of the way and gets some sunshine on your skin. You’ll come back feeling energized, less stressed, and get a healthy start to tackle the rest of your weekend activities.
Refresh your living space. Put on some music and spend some time restyling your living room. Challenge yourself to be creative and work with what you have. Sometimes moving things from room to room, putting up some new art (you can always pull from your stack of family photos) or pulling a few textiles out of hiding are all that’s needed to give a space a fresh look. Binge read that book that’s been sitting on your shelf. In terms of relaxation ideas, like on vacation, one key element of a relaxing vacation is a reading binge by the beach, pool or patio.

Put your phone on “Do Not Disturb,” make yourself your favorite drink, and spend a few
afternoon hours just getting lost in a good book. Prepare an elaborate dinner using the cuisine of your “destination”. One of the best parts of travel is getting to learn more about the cuisines of different cultures and bringing some of those
new flavors home with you. You can likely find a recipe for the signature dish of your chosen location online and create something restaurant-worthy on your vacation at home while learning something new.

The best staycations always include a spa day. Your Staycation Saturday is all about
pampering yourself, and this starts with a few easy at-home spa treatments.
Start off with a glass of spa water infused with your favorite fruits — bonus points if you can make a full pitcher to drink throughout the day. Then, treat your skin to a nice facial. Soak your feet with some salts and essential oils, give them a massage with a nice lotion and add a little color to your toenails. And of course, no spa day is complete without a nice soak in the bath

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