Choosing Your Living Room Aesthetics: What to Keep In Mind

The living room is probably the most exciting yet challenging space you’ll have to design and decorate in your home. Creating a functional, yet enjoyable space for you, your family, and any guests to enjoy can take time, energy, and serious planning! With a number of aesthetic styles available, it can get hard to make up your mind.

Start With Purpose
The first step to designing your living room is to determine its purpose. Will this be a formal
living room for hosting guests and events, or will it be a casual family room for lounging? Having a clear purpose for the living room from the get-go will help you may key decor decisions when you need to.

Focus In Your Aesthetic
What is your decorating style? What are you most drawn to? Farmhouse style is very popular these days. Other popular decorating styles include Modern, Mid-Century Modern, Scandinavian, French Country, and Modern Coastal.

Color Scheme
The color scheme of your living room will often be determined by your decor style, but don’t be
afraid to experiment with different color schemes that you are drawn to. Farmhouse style decor is
often colored with neutral browns, vintage whites, and faded blues. Mid-century modern
decorating colors include dark browns, rich greens, and mustard yellows. Scandinavian decor
features gray tones, sharp blacks, and stark whites. French Country themed living rooms are
often medium brown and white, with pale blue or pink accents mixed in. Coastal themed rooms
unsurprisingly feature lots of turquoise, navy blue, and sea green. Whatever colors you are drawn
to, it’s good to have a palette in mind!

Given that furniture can be quite pricey, you may wish to spread out your purchases over time. If
you’re not sure what to buy first, think big — literally. Start with the larger pieces to ground the room. While symmetry isn’t the goal, be mindful of not overloading one side of the room with too much furniture. In the same vein, resisting the urge to push furniture against the walls will help maintain this sense of balance and add to how intimate the room feels.


Selecting a light fixture for your living room is often one of the most daunting tasks of the design
process. Most people opt for one central ceiling light fixture to illuminate their living room.
Depending on your ceiling height, you could opt for a flush mount, a hanging chandelier, or
something in between like a pendant light!


Define the room with rugs
Accent with tables
Layer different textures
Add personality

Finding the perfect aesthetic for your home can be challenging. It will take some time and effort to find a style that works for you. In most cases, it doesn’t hurt to get some expert insight on how you can make your room look amazing.

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