Create a Luxury Home Gym That Inspires You

It’s easy to stick to your daily workout routine when your gym can be found right down the hall.
The home gym is no longer a last thought when it comes to home design. Creating a space that is
an extension of your home rather than a white box with rubber floors will make sticking to your
fitness routine more enjoyable.
To create that perfectly zen space that inspires you to greatness, a designer home gym needs to
be a balance of style and function; the place where you commit to becoming your best self.
Here are some elements to add to your home gym to transform it into an inspirational and stylish

A View and Plenty of Natural Light
The days of the grungy low-light traditional gyms are over. Somehow a workout seems less
daunting when you have sleek decor, a beautiful view, and plenty of natural light waiting for you
and encouraging you to start (or end) the day strong.

Adding the right lighting to your home gym can not only add an elegant flair to space, but the
right color of light can change your mood and energy level.

Gym Technology
There are a range of smart home gyms on the market, including: smart treadmills, smart exercise
bikes, smart fitness mirrors, smart rowing machines, smart ellipticals, and even smart jump
ropes. Many of these smart home gyms are Bluetooth-enabled, space saving, have adjustable
weight settings, provide access to virtual personal trainers, and stream live classes and on-
demand workout classes through programs like iFit.
Additionally, smart home gyms usually offer real-time feedback on your health via app, and
many include all of the equipment (such as dumbbells and kettlebells) that you need to get in a
satisfying full-body workout.

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